TESTIMONIAL IN JUNE COURSE – Đánh giá học viên khóa học tháng 6

TESTIMONIAL IN JUNE COURSE – Đánh giá học viên khóa học tháng 6


The course were so great and the training is good no question. The trainer Mr. Young Adrian and Old Adrian were so professional, they are the best speakers so far. I have met of my entire life. Because of this training I have met a lot of friends from Vietnam and the other country. I am so thankful to this training and hopefully I can come back here in Vietnam this place was so great many tourist spots where you can visit.

Thank you so much!!!


On my first day in class with teacher Adrian Young, He made us feel comfortable in the class even we are foreigner, we felt that we are welcomed.

Mr. Adrian young is a great teacher, very approachable and has a very good way in controlling his students. We‘ve learned a lot from him though feel it quite difficult for us to adjust in our new environment here in Vietnam.

Both Mr. Adrian Young and Adrian old are both great and excellent teachers. We are very lucky for the opportunity that was given to me as their one of the student in TESOL.


I enjoyed the course and think that I learned a lot in a short amount of time. It has definitely helped prepare me for my teaching career.

Both instructors were very knowledge and I enjoyed both their teaching styles.

If I were to do the course again though, I would prefer to have instructor for the entire course. This would give more time to ask the questions to instructor that is making our assessments on the final day

Other than that, I thought the course was excellent!


I find this course is pretty useful. It’s really a good chance to come here join the course with a lot of fun and knowledge.

I have learnt a lot of things, techniques, teaching method… I love it . The teachers are awesome. I’ve been shared a lot teaching experiences and got so much help.

Thanks to our teachers, thanks to this course. I am inspired and encouraged to be a great teacher like them in the future.


Dear all,

After finishing this TESOL course, I get more confidence when talking in the crowd, the teachers here were so patient and make me feel more comfortable about the teaching job in the future. This is absolutely a best place where I and other students can be taught to become a professional English teacher

So, thankful to all of you


  • Teachers:

Young Adrian   is friendly, helpful, good .I like his teaching style

Old Adrian speaks too fast, sometimes students cannot catch up his information, he is a funny teacher

  • Service : Rosie is a nice consultant, she give us a lot of useful information
  • Learning condition : OK


My classmates are nice

Mr. Adrian Rogers has good skill of teaching


When I go to my class, I’m so nervous because my knowledge of English is not good. But my classmate is very friendly and my group helps me for everything. I feel more confident. Mr Adrian Rodgers is a good teacher (Friendly)


In the first day. I came here. I’m so nervous about myself. And now, I’m quite a bit confident. I got a lot of things about how to be a professional English teacher. And can know more people who are classmates. They’re friendly. But in my opinion. I think you should have or attach more program to teach Vietnamese or someone who’s not a native speaker how to speak like or more closely like a native speak. I think it’s so nice improvement. So, let’s think about it.



When I take part in the Tesol course. I learned all things that I didn’t know before. I feel more confident. When I stand in front of the people. Through the Tesol course I studied speaking and listening skills and I improved 2 skills more. Mr Adrian brings a great atmosphere   for us and makes me comfortable and have much energy for teaching. There are a lot of activities in the class. It was great.


About Teacher: I total like Mr young Adrian. Because I understood his accent a lot. And the speed in the class is suitable for me. The materials is good. The teacher’s so friendly and helpful with students. About old Adrian. I appreciate his knowledge but I don’t like the way he taught. Even he taught us how to control the time and speed of talking or method, but for me I feel bored in his class. When I ask all my classmates they have the same feeling. Sometimes he made a joke but no one understand and we just feel we are not belong this lesson.

The facilities. I just hope that the facilities should equal with their reputation, this is the international center but it looks like the local center. The employers I feel, it’s not as work in the center especial International center. I hope everything goes well as I thought about International center, to make the students believe and trust more in center.


When I enrolled in Tesol I didn’t picture of myself as a teacher. Because I’m not really teach English or any other subject. But when we started our course here at Australia International Tesol here in HO CHI MINH City VIETNAM. I’m surprise of myself that I can really teach English of course by the help of our handsome trainer Mr young Adrian, my confident level become high. He motivates me to create things in the class and interact with each other by doing fun activities. I really learn a lot from him on how to become a good and productive teacher.

Thank you AIT for the training and for the fun memories we had.


Even as an experienced teacher, I highly appreciated my TESOL training at AIT.

It was for me a great opportunity to renew my knowledge;  get new information and practice and benchmark my methods in a very professional and comfortable environment with every competent , experienced and interesting teacher !

Many thanks

For everything.


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