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Tất cả các giảng viên của AIT đều là những giảng viên chuyên nghiệp, người bản xứ đến từ Úc và Anh với nhiều năm kinh nghiệm đào tạo TESOL và giảng dạy ở Châu Á và Quốc tế

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Lãnh sự quán Úc và Đại sứ quán Úc chứng thực sao y bản sao tất cả các văn bằng của AIT tại Việt Nam

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Đội ngũ nhân viên và Giảng Viên Quốc tế thân thiện, nhiệt tình phù hợp với môi trường giáo dục quốc tế chuyên nghiệp và chúng tôi ở đây để giúp các bạn thực hiện được ước mơ trở thành giáo viên.

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AIT cam kết hỗ trợ , giới thiệu công việc giảng dạy chuyên nghiệp cho học viên sau khi tốt nghiệp.

Khóa học DIPLOMA

AIT đào tạo nâng cao cho học viên tốt nghiệp khóa học TESOL cơ hội để học tập, nghiên cứu chuyên sâu các kỹ năng giảng dạy quan trọng trong ngành công nghiệp đào tạo giáo dục đa dạng bằng việc nâng cao văn bằng lên: AIT Diploma



Học viên tốt nghiệp Diploma TESOL tại AIT có thể đăng kí để học khóa dự bị Thạc Sĩ và chương trình Thạc Sĩ Quốc Tế TESOL tại trường Đại học BOND – một trong các trường đại học tư nhân nổi tiếng ở Úc.


  Dear Heather, 

Thank you very much for your great contribution to the success of the training program in Da Nang. In the final survey, everyone voted for the TESOL Viet Nam presentation and YOU have made the first very impressive public appearance for the most selected audience here in Vietnam.

I look forward to meeting and working with you and TESOL Vietnam again in our future endeavors and will recommend you to all the schools participating in this workshop.

Thank again,
From the offices of MOET



June 5th-9th ,2017


I really like this course!

I met friendly people and teacher.

He taught the lessons with all his heart.

I wasn’t confident when standing in front of the class, but he gave me

Many tips on how to improve myself.

I believe I can improve after this course.

Thank you Mr. Adrian and thanks to my class.

Love AIT!


Regardless on how short the course was, I am more than satisfied with what I have learnt thanks to the commitment and dedication that Mr. Adrian Rodgers has brought in all of his lessons.

We had a chance to test our skills and sharpen them in a whole new way of thinking, perspective and challenges.

I am grateful of being part of AIT.


I feel happy and relaxed when I am in the class. The organization of AIT is professional and staff are friendly. I really like the teacher’s teaching style. He is so dedicated, creative and humorous.

Thank you Mr. Adrian and AIT so much.



May 22nd-28th,2017


This course has been an amazing experience for me. I love the professionalism, the concise content and the positive atmosphere that TESOL methodology helps generate in the classroom. Our trainer, Mr. Warren, has done an excellent job in giving us invaluable guidelines and practical hand-on experience. Even though there are a little too much information to cover in such short period of time, I think the course still provided us with all the necessary skills and knowledge. Thank you for such a great time!


The course was great – very helpful, practical and interesting. Our trainer – Mr. Warren was cool, experienced and attentive. I’m looking forward to use the knowledge I got through the course and improve my teaching.


The course is very informative and applicable. I’ve learnt a lot in this course. It is a good chance to make new friends who also love teaching. I’m inspired by their passion. It’s also wonderful to explore more about myself. I also have the opportunity to improve my pronunciation and speaking skills as well as my confidence.



May 8th-12th,2017


I had a wonderful time improving my weaknesses and also learning new things from my classmates and international trainer Mr. Adrian. I hope next course, trainees will have a great experience like I did.

Thank you all for the support this week.


I made the right decision choosing AIT for my TESOL training. The trainer is helpful, fun, professional and knowledgeable.

All staff, especially Ms. Hong (my favourite consultant).

The classroom is also good for training teachers.

Thank you Adrian and all AIT staff


I really liked the course.

I think it’s helpful and interesting. Mr. Adrian, the trainer, is very knowledgeable and helped us a lot.

The staff is very friendly and professional.

My only suggestion is that, the training room could be equipped with a projector as many classrooms require teachers to use them.



April 17th-23rd,2017


Thank you for a great course. Teaching is my passion and AIT encouraged me to make it become true. On the first day I was very nervous as I was not confident about my pronunciation, but I received a lot of help from my classmates, and the trainer Mr. Warren to correct it and I improved day by day.

The atmosphere is very active. I had a chance to be a teacher and I got a lot of useful feedback.

Also the activities are really wonderful.

Thank you


The deepest impression about the course is how it focuses on activities and practice which enhances student’s learning ability and memorization. Moreover, the teacher Mr. warren is very

Friendly, supportive and experienced, which is an important factor for the successful mastery of specific knowledge and skills for students.

In a nutshell, I am grateful for being a part of this very useful, informative and practical course.


The TESOL training at AIT gives me more knowledge and practice in teaching which I will apply in the future.

It is a great centre to learn TESOL.

I had a wonderful experience joining this course.

Thank you to the trainer (Mr. Warren) so much for giving us so many interesting activities to use in the class.


I really love this course. It’s so useful and fun as well. Thanks to this course, I can

Learn a lot of knowledge about teaching English.

Our trainer Mr. Warren, who is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic trainer, helped us a lot in gaining more confidence and taught us how to control an ESL class effectively. I’m so grateful to our trainer and AIT TESOL. Thank you so much.



April 3rd-7th,2017


I really enjoyed studying TESOL here because we learned a lot of things. Our trainer Adrian Rodgers has taught us with all his passion and the best of him. We also learnt about skills and techniques to teach better in the future.

It feels like I’m learning with family. In addition the atmosphere in the class is extremely good for us to practice teaching, as well as the knowledge about teaching that will help us become more professional.


I really love this course, the trainer Mr. Adrian Rodgers and everyone here. Everything is great!

I feel more energetic and more confident after this course. My trainer has inspired me a lot to become a good teacher.

Thank you AIT and thank you Mr. Adrian


Overall the course is good.

Made good friend and had a good time cooperating with them.

The classroom is good, a little cold at times but good.

Everyone is so friendly and great environment.

The teacher is good and active. I feel great!


I like my trainer Mr. Adrian. Very friendly, kind and hard working.

I also like the way he taught all skills. Reading, Writing, Listening, Vocabulary and Grammar.

He did many activities that are really useful and he gave me a lot of confidence.

I really like AIT TESOL!



March 20th – 26th, 2017


The course was very interesting and informative. Mr. Adrian and Ms. Heather are very enthusiastic trainers and taught me a lot of useful techniques, which can help me become a good teacher in the future.

I have no experience in teaching  but after the course, I have some ideas on how to manage the classroom and deal with the students. I really appreciate the time being here.


I have to say that this course is one of the best courses I have attended.


  • The trainer is very passionate, enthusiastic, humorous and caring.

  • I love the teaching methods that TESOL uses which are very practical, effective and simple.

 At first, I was not really sure about the quality of the class due to the fact that the facilities and building look a little off, but now I must say that it didn’t even bother me.

I really appreciate the course from the very bottom of my heart. Please keep it up.

English teachers in Vietnam and other countries need you, TESOL AIT.

Thank you Adrian


This course offered me a range of knowledge about the teaching field that I’ve never known before.

The methodology is very useful for teaching the new lessons effectively. All methods, techniques, and approaches are great.

I love the AIT family and I love my teacher Adrian Rodgers for being such a professional teacher!

I wish all the best to everyone. I am really happy right now!

Thank you


This course is awesome! Teacher Adrian is cool. He teaches passionately and when I make mistakes, he corrects them softly. He also has a good sense of humour. Whenever I go to class, I smile.

The lessons that we have learnt are very useful.

There are some tips that I have never learnt before. In this class, I have a chance to practice.

Again, everything is wonderful. Thank you teacher Adrian, Ms. Heather, Ms. Hong (Rosie) and

all my classmates. Thank you AIT



March 6th – 10th, 2017


This course offered me a range of knowledge about the teaching field that I’ve never known before.

The methodology is very useful for teaching the new lessons effectively. All methods, techniques, and approaches are great.

I love the AIT family and I love my teacher Adrian Rodgers for being such a professional teacher!

I wish all the best to everyone. I am really happy right now!

Thank you


This is the first time I have attended such an interesting course. This course is really helpful and I experienced many new methods before becoming an English teacher.

I want to say thank you to teacher Adrian Rodgers as well as the staff of AIT TESOL for this amazing course. I made friends with a lot of people who are very friendly and enthusiastic.
Thank you so much


When I looked for information on TESOL courses on the internet, there were many choices and I’m happy that I’ve made the right decision.

The course was intensive and we didn’t have much time for homework and review. However, the teacher helped us a lot to digest and remember things.

The atmosphere was very open and friendly.

I liked the course a lot. Thank you.

Now I can live my dream and be a confident English teacher


Everything is really great! I have learnt a lot of useful skills for my future classes.

My classmates are so friendly, talented and helpful. All staff is also nice to us. We also

Had a really great trainer to work with (Mr. Adrian Rodgers). He gave me a lot of motivation to come to class every day!

Finally, I would like to give a big thank you to AIT – TESOL. Thank you!



February 20th – 26th, 2017


AIT absolutely met my expectations.

Ms. Rosie has explained everything nice and clear. She is a very good consultant. Please keep going on Rosie.

The trainer Mr. Adrian is amazing! He taught us a lot of useful things and skills to use when teaching.

He is nice and funny and has attractive teaching skills. He is always around to help us out.  Please give him a promotion for what he does.

I love him and I love AIT. Thank you for everything, I really appreciate it!


It is such an interesting and useful course for people who want to become English teachers.

Many approaches and methods were taught during the course.

AIT family is wonderful and very helpful. Adrian Rodgers is a great and professional trainer.

I wish him and the AIT family all the best.


The course was really helpful because it involved a lot of activities that can be really helpful in a real classroom, especially when teaching English.

The way the activities and the lessons were taught and conveyed were really motivating, exciting and engaging.

I must say that I really learned something new and significant during the course. It also helped me enhance my confidence in the teaching field.

The teacher’s approach was also efficient and effective.

Thank you all so much


We have such a great trainer. During the course we learnt may approaches for teaching different

Levels and ages.

The staff in AIT is wonderful and supportive. I believe this school is the best place for studying TESOL.



January 9th-13th, 2017


AIT TESOL has helped me a lot .When I come here the first time, it’s was really hard and out of my comfort zone and I didn’t want to come again. That was my first thinking but after the first lesson I was far more confident and I am very happy with that. The International teacher trainer gave us a lot of information for lessons and how we can teach our students and make the lessons to be more fun and active in class. Finally, I want to say thanks AIT TESOL class, thanks Young Adrian.


I love the AIT TESOL course. It has helped me to improve my way of teaching. I like the teacher and all the staff here. They‘re so friendly. I fail. I feel a little bit sad, but Ok, I‘ll try to do it better next time and it will cost me nothing to do the course again.


Lunch time is a little short.

Teacher is really good and funny.

Class is interesting and helpful.



. Content of the AIT TESOL course is helpful and informative for learners.

. Lots of practice time.

. Friendly, supportive and kind trainer.

. Well- organized course.


  • Useful method.
  • Create activities.
  • Inspire the good attitude to students.
  • Teacher use the suitable/simple words to understand lessons.
  • Students are aware of the important things to be a professional teacher


I really loved the course and being part of the AIT TESOL family because of the Certificate and the way of teaching for all levels: The International trainers and his effectiveness. The course book was easy to follow and thank you for all

Thanks teacher!


I don’t know what to write, but thank you, I had very good time here. I learnt a lot.


  • AIT TESOL course supported for me a lot of knowledge about teaching.
  • Teacher is so cute and talented.


The AIT TESOL class was very interesting. I learnt a lot from the course and especially from teacher Young Adrian. Really appreciate his time, effort and feedback for me in order to improve my teaching. They are all helpful. I think I’d recommend the class to everyone who also want to learn TESOL.


The course was very helpful to my future career. The teacher Young Adrian was very inspiring and enthusiastic, he helped us a lot.


I am very happy to enjoy the AIT TESOL course. I feel more confident when I teach students. The teacher is very nice and the staff are too.


AIT TESOL staff are very kind and encouraged students. TESOL is very useful for me before I had no ideas how to teach effectively but I now have the methodology and it will useful for me in future. Thank you.


I am very happy to attend the AIT TESOL course. It’s a great deal to know new people, especially our teacher, who friendly, generous and considerate to our fellow. I feel more comfortable and confident now.


December 5th-11th, 2016


What an amazing course! After attending the TESOL course at AIT. I learnt a lot of new things like how to control the class, how to teach vocabulary in an active way and grammar structure as well. It have extremely improved myself in teaching methodology.

 Adrian Rodgers, you are an amazing trainer too. You inspired me and others. You taught us not only theory but also presentation in real class. I hope and I believe that I will use all what I learnt into my real class in the future

  Thank you very much in deed


I am really proud of AIT TESOL when I receive the International certification. The teacher is so wonderful.

No words can convey my thinking right now. I am so excited.


The course is just amazing. I wish it could last one more day, so that I could meet the teacher and my friends for more fun. The teacher is so cute, teacher Adrian Rodgers inspired us a lot. Ms. Rosie and Ms. Katie are very friendly and helpful. I just want to say that I really enjoy the course

Thank you very much!


 The AIT TESOL CLASS is very funny, active, interesting and efficient, so everyone can become more confident, energetic and can improve their skills in teaching.

However, my problem is English listening. I cannot listen to English well at the first day. But after some days I improved my listening skill and stared to understand everything. The learners in class are very friendly and that makes me feel more confident and active( I am a shy lady, rarely to speak in front of crowds) After the course, I am really better and I can speak , listen and teach well and my pronunciation climbed up to higher level.

Thank you very much to all my friends, all the staff and specially our teacher (The most handsome man and good mannered teacher. I ‘ve ever seen)

I wish him good luck and always meet happiness in his life.


  • Great teacher. Adrian Rodgers gave honest, helpful, clear feedback. Class was always in a good atmosphere. The teacher did his best to answer all questions
  • Course is quite short and intense.



November 7th-11th, 2016


I found the course very interesting with many useful activities for us to teach in a real class. I also learnt how to be a professional English teacher .The teacher’s awesome, friendly and supportive and gave us many useful tips in teaching. I really appreciate it.

All staff are friendly and helpful.


      Thank you very much to AIT in Vietnam

Taking the TESOL course helped me to improve my skills. I know a lot of methodologies to make my class more professional. It helps me be more articulate in all levels in my work and to teach effectively.


  • Friendly (Strict too).
  • Good voice easy to understand.
  • Always nice to students.


Found this to be interesting and picked up lots of tips. The course ran smoothly and the teacher did a great job. It has inspired me to follow this as a carrier now

Thanks and good luck in the future.


 AIT TESOL is a great environment to became a good English teacher for people who love English like me

 Thank you Ms. Heather and Adrian Rodgers


Teacher Adrian is great: passionate, caring, professional, humorous, good looking as well.

  • Good lesson plan and activities.



October 2nd -9th, 2016


Nice explanation and directions in the classroom. Good emphasis on important teaching skills

Dynamic training session.


This course showed and gave me a good techniques on how to teach English to Speakers of the others languages

The trainer is professional and funny


The teacher is creative, new method of teaching and experienced.

The class is very funny and the teacher engages all students to do activities

Inspire all students to become good teachers.



September 12th-16th, 2016


 It’s has been a really intensive week but in return, I have gained loads of practical classroom techniques from a nice man named Adrian Ladd. We had a lot of fun with the lessons and with the teachers. The course has spotted out my weaknesses and given me solutions for my career. Different people from different nations inspired me and helped myself know more about Australia, Thank you teacher Adrian Ladd &M.s Heather. You are my motivation


As a normal community organizer in the Philippines for almost 2 years, I never had an experience on how to teach in formal education or so, but the passion and eagerness to teach children is really inmate and I was waiting for the right opportunity to make it come true. Now I have joined and enrolled in AIT TESOL course. Everything changed. Mr. Adrian Ladd taught us a lot of things especially in teaching. I will always be grateful for having this course for it helped me to develop more my personality and how I should handle things to make it easy

The AIT TESOL Course gave me an idea on how you do good and effective teaching strategies and techniques as well as classroom management. In fact, I only knew it after studying AIT TESOL. Everything is great and everyone around were very positive and such good encouragement for me and I am more motivated in doing and making things come true.

Thank you very much to Ms. Heather and Mr. Adrian and to everyone who had been part of TESOL


Thanks for the course and specially Mr. Adrian Ladd who shared with us his experience and knowledge that “out of the box” feeling so that we can be more creative and flexible in the future.

He also gave us many helpful comments and corrections that would help us change to be a better teacher.

I enjoyed listening to many therapy skills which also helped us understand the students. Also, the other staff are nice and calm

Thank you Ms. Rosie for providing the course and help us complete over tasks


I’m really interested in this course. Although I had been exposed to the teaching environment already. I found this course very useful and valuable for me. Teacher Adrian Ladd is really enthusiastic and energetic. I love learning how to use body language that Adrian teaches us .This course makes totally different view of teaching English. It’s like a whole new environment to learn good things, and to be creative.

I must say that this course is the right decision. One more thing is that not only did we receive a big amount of knowledge and resources from teacher but also being given really good books to learn more.

Thank you so much!



September 5th-9th, 2016


After one week studying at AIT TESOL, the course gave me an interesting feeling. First of all, the atmosphere is very comfortable and nice to be creative and take part in the activities. Everybody is very kind and supports me whenever I asked for help. The second thing is the kindness of teacher- Adrian Rodgers, he is very eager to help me whenever I need.

Last but not least, the way on how to get me to approach teaching English is very updated and suitable for teaching English. I want to thank all for helping me all this time.


One of the most unforgettable memories I’ve had in my life. Adrian Rodgers is amazing and incredible. His teaching style inspired me a lot. All the friends and classmates in the class were so helpful and friendly.

Everyone had a really great time together. Regarding the knowledge that I acquired during the course, it makes me feel more confident, more creative and more responsible for my students.

Many sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Best experiences ever!!!!


-This course is very useful for my future plan.

-This course helped me to be more active, helped me making lesson plans.

-The teacher and the staff are very friendly and helpful.

-This course helped me to know more about team work.

-I feel more open with this course.

-This course is perfect for future teachers.

-I rate Adrian Rodgers 10 /10


I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mr. Adrian Rodgers who has help me a lot during the course .I’ve learnt so many interesting and suitable activities/games to apply to teaching English at my school.

Teacher Adrian Rodgers and the course helped me to recognize that learning English is not too difficult for anyone if the teacher can inspire them and encourage them to learn.



July31st– August 7th, 2016


The first time I saw the training center I felt like it was a purely teaching class to sit in our chair the whole time. But I was wrong. I was able to communicate with my classmates, and the class was full of activities. I really loved what Mr. Adrian Rodgers taught us. I am not a teacher with years of experience but now after the course I think I feel that I am a tenured teacher. I learnt new methods, techniques and activities that we will apply on our own as teachers. Thank you AIT for moulding me to be a better teacher and a better person. Arrigato Gozaimasu! Daghang Salamat!


To be honest, I’m really happy right now after finishing the exam, so excited. And I have something I am sending to you: Director – Ms. Heather Wright; office staff – Ms. Rosie; assistant – Ms. Katie; and especially the teacher Mr. Adrian Rodgers. Director Ms. Heather Wright is a really good director who manages the course and a well-organized class helper. She welcomes us with a big smile and honest attitude. Ms. Rosie consults staff, which is the best that I’ve ever seen compared to staff of other centers. Ms. Katie is really good at guiding us to having lunch and telling us the course rules and also warm and friendly. Teacher Adrian Rodgers: 5 stars for him. Good teaching skills, good voice, good explanation, good at encouraging students always. I know he spends a lot of energy to help us because we are first time teachers. He uses the simple materials and techniques. I thank him a lot.


I think the AIT TESOL training course is really helpful, especially for students who had no teaching experience before. In a short period of time I have learnt many useful methods and approaches to apply for students from different levels and at different ages. And I have improved a lot after just 1 week. At the same time last week I still had no ideas about how to organize the class and prepare the lesson, but now I am able to structure a good lesson plan. I would like to thank Mr. Adrian Rodgers for providing us a modern teacher image that I would look up to when starting my teaching career. Thank you very much and wish you all the best for your future career.


I find the AIT TESOL course very helpful and at the same time fun. The trainer, Mr. Adrian Rodgers, really did well. He taught us a lot of things which are very helpful for a teacher. The amazing thing about this program is that you are not just learning but are also enjoying. I will never forget this wonderful experience, especially my classmates, who are indeed very friendly.


The AIT TESOL course is definitely helpful for my future career. I would strongly recommend this course to any of my friends who are interested in teaching, as it’s totally worth it. I got all the teaching skills that I need. Wonderful course! Thank you so much my trainer [Mr. Adrian Rodgers], I really appreciate you. Wish you all the best! And thanks to all AIT supporters: Rosie, Katie… for helping us in class set-up and consultancy. May health, happiness and success always be by your side!!! With love


Dear AIT, thank you to guide me in whole course. It was very helpful for me to study many techniques and have more energy. I will apply al the lessons to my future real class. Again, thank you so much. You all inspired me so much. Love you all.


Thank you very much for your teaching Mr. Adrian Rodgers, you are a great teacher, the best I have studied from until now. Thank you very much Ms. Heather, I am pleased to attend this course. You were very kind with me, I will always miss you, my teacher. Thanks to your staff, they are very kind, helpful, and friendly. It’s the greatest course I have ever been to, thank you very much. I love you!


I love the AIT TESOL program. Now, I’m so very happy. This course gave me more knowledge about the methodology to teach English and made me more confident to continue doing my job well. From this course I have more friends, more knowledge and more happiness. My teachers were very good. I love them. Please receive all my sincere thanks.


Honestly, I am very thankful to Ms. Heather and Mr. Adrian Rodgers [Big thanks to Mr. Adrian] because they woke up the passion of teaching in me so much. Before the course, I lost my way, did not know who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. To sign up for this course has been my big revolution. And now I know that I made the best decision for my life. After this AIT TESOL course I know how to be a TESOL teacher, a good teacher in the right way. I love teaching. Thank you so much!


I’m so happy that I chose AIT for my TESOL certificate. I’m now a different person from the one on the first day. Thank you a lot Mr. Adrian Rodgers. You’re super funny and a really good trainer. Ms. Heather was so warm and friendly at the first lesson. To be honest, I have nothing to complain about this course. And also, Rosie is friendly too. Everything went so well that I didn’t expect that much. Again Adrian, you are just so funny;]


Feedback about AIT TESOL course:

–           Everything is awesome and amazing to me. From this course, I can learn a lot of invaluable knowledge and teaching skills. I love the way Adrian Rodgers teaches us, he is a great teacher transmitting all his passion in teaching us.

–           The only thing I feel unhappy about is it ending too soon. I want the class to last longer so that I can meet all my beautiful classmates and my teacher every day.

–           Last but not least, thanks AIT for this course. I believe in your reputation and hope you do well in the future.



July 25th -30th , 2016


After attending the course, I realized that I really love teaching English. I’ve kept myself in a boring job for a long time, so the course woke me up after a long sleep. I found that the course has inspired me a lot. I loved the way the TESOL teacher [Mr. Adrian Rodgers] taught. He was so natural, so easy to follow and enthusiastic. I love teaching. I’m willing to be an English teacher now. Thank you very much.


I think the AIT course is very helpful. I have learnt a lot of useful techniques and methods for my future career. At the beginning of the course I was shy and lacked confidence, but on the presentation day, I tried my best and was very happy with the result. I would like to thank Mr Adrian Rodgers. He is very inspiring. I love his teaching methods. He is the best teacher I have had so far. Also, I would like to thank my group mates because they helped me a lot. We all worked together as a group and they gave me good advice, so I really appreciate it.


After this AIT course, I feel that I’m very lucky to have had the chance to take it. I’m totally satisfied with the staff, our teacher [I mean Mr Adrian Rodgers], the syllabus, and so on. Thank you so much.


As far as I am concerned, the AIT TESOL course is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Particularly the teacher is more than wonderful and supportive in the way he teaches and helps me understand the lessons deeply and easily. I strongly believe that I am currently qualified and highly confident to be a competent English teacher thanks to the course. To end, I would like to show my deep gratitude to the course Head and particularly to my teacher Mr Adrian Rodgers.


I really enjoyed the AIT course with the amazing trainer and wonderful classmates. It’s an honour for me to work with such great people in a professional environment. Thank you very much for creating such an excellent class.


Great teachers, very helpful, really fun and educational course. I learned tons of stuff. Best comment for you!


I am 1000% satisfied and happy with the AIT course. It was basically just soft skills, however Adrian [Mr Adrian Rodgers] did an amazing job at delivering the message and information. I have learnt a lot and am really thankful I signed up for this course. Honestly, I don’t know what to suggest for improvement. P.S.: Adrian please keep the fire burning for more TESOL courses to come. You are awesome.


Mr Adrian [Rodgers] you are a good trainer. You not only taught us the knowledge, methods and techniques. Your fire speech inspired me a lot. You imparted the fire which I lost a very long time ago. I appreciate that. To be honest, I love you and love your style.


– Incredibly useful lessons and advice

– You make us comfortable and easy

– Understanding and humorous

– Nice techniques

– “Simple is the best policy”.


First of all, I loved this course so much! There were just 6 days, but I learnt so many new and meaningful things. Besides the most important thing I have studied that we now know exactly the way of teaching effectively, I’ve also learned the way of working with new people in different environments. Our teacher, Mr Adrian Rodgers, is a great teacher. He always gave us wonderful lessons. Words can’t say enough about how hard he tried to help us, fantastic lesson after lesson. Ms Heather Wright is very charming and helpful. She gave us her beautiful smiles and patiently answered every question from us. Active and friendly study environment. Other staff were also very kind and cared about us. I hope to take part in some more courses here at AIT.


Dear Australian International TESOL in Vietnam, I have attended your 1- week intensive course, date of exam 29 July, 2016. Here is some of my feedback:

– Thing I loved the most is my teacher: super brilliant. We had lots of fun. With a very fast pace he conveyed everything we need to know, and he taught us lots of practical techniques that we can’t get from anywhere else.

– I think the course is useful with very good material that I can refer to for my future teaching.

– I feel extremely exhausted. A little bit challenged due to shortness of time for self- study of the examination preparation material.

To sum up, I would like to thank you so much to our dear teacher Mr Adrian Rodgers. Thank you Ms Heather Wright for your great work.


I learnt a lot of useful things through the AIT TESOL course. I am a teacher. Before the course, I felt demotivated and hopeless, sometimes I felt scared of coming to class, because I don’t know how to approach my students. I enrolled in this course with the hope that I would become an effective teacher. Finally, here I am. Thanks to Mr Adrian Rodgers, I now know so many techniques and approaches to teach and I don’t feel scared anymore. I became the person I wanted to be. Once again, thank you very much.


The TESOL course at AIT really helped me a lot in teaching English. Adrian Rodgers is a wonderful teacher who conveyed his experience and knowledge to us professionally. I highly appreciate what Adrian helped us in improving teaching English techniques. I honestly thank our teacher Adrian.


Dear Heather, I was so excited when I took part in the TESOL course at AIT. Everyone and the teacher supported me a lot. I’m happy and comfortable when I study a lot at AIT. Thank you Mr Adrian Rodgers, you have helped me to be confident. I haven’t taught before. I am not a teacher, but after the AIT TESOL course, I know that if you want to be a teacher, you need to have a lot of experience. Maybe I’ll try to learn English so much and I think if I have much time, I’ll join advanced TESOL in my future. Finally, thank you Mr Adrian, Ms Heather, Ms Katie and Ms Rosie for your support, help and sharing everything with me. Thank you so much


From the teacher:

– Friendly, understanding and professional

– Acute sense of humour

– Makes students never get tired or bored or fed up with the lesson

– Useful lessons and advice

From the AIT course:

– Caring and clear explanations

– Dynamic workplace for those who want to be more professional

– Keep great contact with the students

Well, I can’t write any drawbacks about you, because you guys have done a great job.



July 11th -15th , 2016


 I really enjoyed the AIT TESOL course. The trainer was tremendous, funny and knowledgeable. I got to learn a lot of useful skills for my future job. Thank you very much!


Adrian. You are one of the best teachers that I have had in my life .You inspired me with your teaching passion and ideas for teaching.  Thank you AIT TESOL and Adrian.


A course passed by so fast! I was afraid that I could not gain enough teaching experience as I always wanted in a TESOL class. However, with great support and a very energetic trainer, we have finished the course successfully. And it was a good time to spend with lovely a teachers as well.


The trainer is excellent, he is funny and energetic. I really like the AIT TESOL course, I have learnt many new experiences. This course helped me a lot with my teaching skill.



June 6th– 12th, 2016


I enjoyed the course and think that I learnt a lot in a short amount of time. It has definitely helped me to prepare me for my teaching career. 
Both instructors were very knowledge and I enjoyed both of their teaching styles. 
I thought the course was excellent! 


I find this course pretty useful. It’s a really good chance to come here and join the course with a lot of fun and knowledge. 
I have learnt a lot of things, techniques, teaching methods… I love it. The teachers are awesome. They shared a lot of teaching experiences and got so much help. 
Thanks to our teachers, thanks to this course. I am inspired and encouraged to be a great teacher like them in the future. 


Dear all, 
After finishing this TESOL course, I get more confidence when talking in front of a crowd, the teachers here were so patient and make me feel more comfortable about the teaching job in the future. This is absolutely the best place where I and other students can be taught to become a professional English teacher 
so, thankful to all of you.


When I enrolled in TESOL I didn’t picture myself as a teacher. Because I’m not really a teacher of English or any other subject. But when we started our course here at Australia International TESOL here in HO CHI MINH City VIETNAM. I was surprised that I can really teach English, of course with the help of our trainer. Mr. Young Adrian and my confidence level became higher. He motivated me to create things in the class and interact with each other by doing fun activities. I really learnt a lot from him on how to become a good and productive teacher. 
Thank you AIT for the training and for the fun memories we had. 


Even as an experienced teacher, I highly appreciated my TESOL training at AIT. 
It was for me a great opportunity to renew my knowledge; get new information and practice and benchmark my methods in a very professional and comfortable environment with every competent, experienced and interesting teacher! 



May 16th-20th, 2016


“An energetic, lively and funky mentor/ trainer with a very big kind heart. He never minds spending break time or even lunch time talking, discussing, sharing and address our concern”.


 The only thing I can say about our AIT TESOL is that it really helped a lot for giving me a lot of support

This TESOL experience and training really opened my mind and gave a lot of information most especially for us the non- native speakers. It broadens more our knowledge about the lessons and taught us different techniques and strategies in using our teaching styles .What I like more is that our teacher Mr. Adrian is so dynamic, flexible and very smart.


The trainer did a great job. Working with you for almost a week is priceless. It is worth the choice of studying with AIT in Vietnam. I learnt a lot and those things will surely help me in different fields. Not just in teaching, but I am looking forward to applying.

Thank you for inspiring m to pursue my teaching career.


I don’t know how to start this. All I can say are all beautiful things. I have joined many training’s and conferences and this one is so far the best one. I’ve got to learn new strategies and techniques in teaching English which I can now use for my future classes. I have this experience that I will never forget in my whole life. Meeting new culture, places and people. I cannot say anything ugly about this training because everything that we’ve done in class is just so beautiful and helpful. Our teacher, is so good, funny and lively. That is the kind of teacher I want myself to be. That talkative, smiling, good teacher. We are so blessed!

I just want to thank AIT, Vietnam Ms. Heather, Ms. Katie, Ms. Rosie, Ms. Hanh, and Mr. Adrian for being a part of this magnanimous and wonderful experience. I owe you a lot of thanks!



April 11th-17th, 2016


The course & teacher has taught me a lot. The trainer spoke slowly and I had no problems listening to him, and yes, I’ve learnt that I need to speak slower in my class.

Moreover, this course brings meaningful things for me, though I think I have to study more and I’m so glad when I studied with Mr. Adrian. The course lasts only one week, but it’s is enough.

 Thank you very much


Mr. Adrian teaches us well and he is always enthusiastic with us.

He explains all questions regarding the lesson in detail. He teaches us and adjusts to us to pronounce and to speak English correctly. I love how he teaches us because the way that he teaches us is so happy.  I like all his rules, especially the rule of last letter pronounce

(Cats and dogs, for example)

The atmosphere in class is so warm, friendly like studying at my home.


I like joining this TESOL class because I love speaking English and this class provides me with useful lessons and tips that will help me in teaching English for other people who love studying about English as I do .My teacher, Mr. Adrian is a very nice teacher who is always funny and he is a very enthusiastic teacher who teaches us English with all his passion. Also, joining this class gave me the chances to meet more friends.



March 7th-11th,2016


This is the most helpful course I’ve ever joined in.

I learnt so much after 1 week.

I love Warren, Adrian and Heather .You are friendly, funny and generously kind.

 I don’t have anything to complain.

I am writing as a child so I guess I should stop now .Thank you!

P/s: I used some activities for my classes and they extremely love it.


What I really like about in TESOL training is that you gain confidence from the course. The course is really fun and the students learn a lot in this training .It’s not boring at all, and it is fun, especially if we are doing activities. I have learnt so much from Mr. Adrian about the techniques in teaching, about how to deal with a situation whenever there is a problem situation in school.

Mr. Adrian taught us how to be more active while in class and he is really very good at training instructor.

He is not only nice guy but he is funny too. Students do not get bored in class. I have learnt so much from class on how to deal with the children and all the students.

I hope he will continue to be the very good teacher.

God bless us all!!!!

Thank you very much.


I have always loved TESOL since I started learning TESOL methodology. I’ve got no negative feedback so far.

The course is interesting. A teacher must be effective and globally competitive as teachers in the near future.


This is such a great experience in my educational life. I have never been taught the way Adrian and Warren did. I appreciate our valuable trainers any way I will remember you all.

Warm regards


I’ve improved a lot such as how to teach, how to manage a class, and got many activities that will help or support me in the future.

Thanks for the course which helped me be more confident to teach English. There are many activities and games for teaching English, which I’ve never known before.

I like them so much and I will apply for my class.


This course provided and shared many teaching strategies and techniques .Teachers are very friendly and professional. I was really comfortable when I joined in this course.


Teachers: Enthusiastic and humorous

Lesson: Exciting and practical à practicing a lot.

Materials: Books, pens, Notebook

Facilities: Comfortable and clean.

Staff: Kind.


-Lots of activities /games

-Lively teacher.

-Sharing of online resources (and teacher’s own as well.)



-Full energy activities.


-Modern facilities.



-Excellent activities.

-Wonderful concepts.

-lot of new information.

-Fun and entertainment to study


This course very informative and provide many techniques, tip, solution, which are practical. We can apply all materials for our coming classes.

I am appreciate to all teachers of AIT, you are so committed to education methods and forward us to the friendly –Education environment.



 I’m happy with this training course. The classroom atmosphere is always energetic and lively. Materials are varied and informative. Among students, we are motivated to communicate and share our experience and ideas on teaching. Mr. Adrian is very smart and experienced in teaching. I enjoined his teaching methods as well as his personalities this knowledge in other subjects were excellent.

Beside, lesson contents about class management were the most important lesson I wanted to learn.
















Find this class very useful and interesting .the teacher is very energetic and enthusiastic in teaching. In addition, classmates are very cheerful and friendly.



The ladies in then office are so friendly, caring and helpful.

-Good facilities (book, pen, coffee)

-Good teacher –Mr. Adrian (Adam Levine)

-Things we learnt are very useful.

-Teacher assisted to solve my problems whole-heartedly.

AIT helped the students from Philippines a lot.



The course taught me a lot. I have learnt many things to be an effective teacher. Approaches, styles and tips are really helpful for me to be a good Teacher as well as to make the class engaging and energetic. I will make the learning process very interesting and encouraging. I’m very thankful to the trainer Mr. Adrian for his heartily dedication to training us.



This course is amazing. I learned a lot and I’m more confident after taking this course. Mr. Adrian really enjoys his job and that made the learning exp. Very enjoyable for me. I would highly recommend this course to others wanting to study TESOL.

Thank you so much.




The TESOL course has been an informative and useful procedure to me. It has broaden my knowledge on how to teach the English language in a more fun and interactive way. I never thought that learning the English language could be this exciting with all the activities that I had experience oaring the entire duration of the course.

I am glad that I enjoyed this course at the same time I have gained friends in the person of my classmates

Lastly, I would like to extend my gratitude to the staff of AIT as well as Sir Adrian who had really exhausted their efforts just for us to learn all the things that we would need when we become teachers. Thank you very much.


The course really help us to boost our self confidence and self-esteem. The facilitator really helped us to go out of our shelves.

He never fails to remind us that being a teacher is an awesome job. Me personally, I learnt a lot from him and hoping to have more time with him because we don’t want to stop leaning. This experience will be much remembered for my entire stay here in Viet Nam. The TESOL course will be forever remembered by me for the rest of my life.


I thoroughly recommend the course for any teachers who completed their study online, as it is extremely helpful with the hands on interactive lessons. I feel much more prepared to productively teach in a TESOL classroom now.


I think this course is very useful for me to re-start my teaching career. In the past, I used to teach English for 1 year and have gone to work until now.

Now I want to come back to teaching English because of my family which I want to have much time for.

Thank you very much teacher who helped me re-start this first important step in my teaching career.




I live in a town which is not very near the course site. My first impression comes from the consultant. Ms. Hong, she is so cute and pleasant to answer any questions that I raised.
The course is absolutely exciting and helpful for my future career. The trainer is totally professional and we have learnt many things from him.
The lessons are interesting and make us feel excited to learn in this course. The course is meaningful to me and all students of the course.


Trainers were able to explain things in a very clear manner.
The TESOL manual is so informative and helpful.
One week training for TESOL is so much worth it.
Trainers are able to inject humor and fun during the training.
The classroom ambience suits best for learning TESOL.
Trainers are able to make everyone participate during the training activities and discussions.
Discussions, techniques and information about how teaching is done are very helpful


Trainer’s voice and pronunciation is clear and easy to understand.
The course time is enough.
Class environment was funny and I learnt from other students.
The trainer is also energetic and the perfect person for teaching this course.
The course is quite informative and interactive.
Good mix of nationalities.


Teachers are very friendly and lovely. I was really impressed by what we learnt. I like the way the teachers interact with everyone in class, the way they spread energy to everyone. About the books, it is so useful and understandable where I can find interesting knowledge.
I think this is a good environment for us to practice teaching as well as the English skill and it is a chance for me to make friends with many people.
Thank you for what you have done!


I think this course is very useful for me. I can practice a lot of activities. Some activities can help to teach vocabulary or all language skills .They help me to use and identify many approaches and help me to use them appropriately for student (age and level).




Absolutely taking this course is worth recommending to all my friends and teachers. I should say it is amazing and an eye-opener for me as a language teacher. I have learned so much such as; techniques and strategies that are really great. Mr. Adrian is so approachable, he knows how to assist his students, lead them in the right thing to do. Ms. Heather is great and staff is so supportive.
Thank you so much to the AIT team!
Good Job!


This course is definitely a good preparation for someone who would like to be a professional teacher; Adrian gave us a lot of practice and useful feedback. I love this course.
Thank you so much.


I am very much impressed by the course. The trainer is very enthusiastic and instructed the lessons very well. The staff is helpful and courteous. Documents are well prepared. I have learned a lot and think the course is very useful for my teaching in my hometown. I will apply the methodology and won’t use my traditional style of teaching any more. AIT teaching methods can help us teach the students to improve their skills in a natural and fun way.
Thank you


My name is Aswini. I participated in the AIT TESOL course from July 6th, 2015. Which is a comprehensive activity based course. Personally, it’s been a good experience for me and had a nice time with friends.
The teacher is very professional, he teaches in a very friendly and fun way. Thanks to Mr. Adrian for teaching me a solid knowledge and tools in English language teaching. His English accent and the way he is talking to the non-native speakers is very clear. The teaching assistants also helped in a caring way.
Last but not least, I would like to say thanks to Ms. Heather for leading this Academy in a more effective way and a smooth environment for the student.
Thanks again to Mr. Adrian and Ms. Heather for giving me much more confidence to proceed my career as a teacher.




I’m currently a student in English major, which mean I should have had a lot of TESOL experience from my teachers but I didn’t. This day course is so much more enjoyable than a 4 years course in the university. Every time, the teacher introduced me to an activity, I just wondered why my teacher in the university never used it. There were so many ideas for activities.

Each day goes by with more activities and I really want to use them immediately with my students so that they can get the best learning experience they deserve. Thank you Mr. Adrian. You are the best teacher I’ve ever met.


 The teaching material, including lesson plans are very well prepared. Good approach to teaching English as after this class, I’ve gotten to know/ understand about TESOL much better than before.

Although I used to teach before, the trainers both are amazing in the way of sharing TESOL methodologies with the students! In general, the class is much more enjoyable / effective than I ever thought.

One bonus for Mr. “young” Adrian for his enthusiasm and professionalism


Dear teacher,

It’s a good opportunity for me to join this TESOL course. Before joining this course I thought that I just wanted to attend it then get a certificate but I’m totally wrong. Honestly, I‘ve learned a lot through this course. Thanks to our professional and enthusiastic teachers. I was trained with many new methodology and techniques, many activities were added

Though it’s really a short term course, I could learn a lot and hope that I may apply all what I learn and put them into practice in the future

Wish you all the best, our dear teachers

I want to say “Thank you” because this course helped me develop my teaching skill so that I can teach my students better with useful approaches. AIT is a great place for anyone who wants to be a motivated, modern teacher.




Thank you very much Ms. Heather.
The TESOL course and the key subjects are very useful to me. My Aviation English training is very efficient when applying training methodologies from those materials.
Thank you.


Hi everyone,
 I am so excited about learning in class today and I have applied these activities to my class and my students loved them!
Thank you so much Ms. Heather.


Hi everyone,
I just want to drop some words to say thank you for your teaching to Ms. Heather, and thank for your participation today. I think today we are all excited about the lesson,


Thank you for this excellent course that you deliver. I must say that you’re the best English teacher I’ve ever had. Keep up this style with you forever, my BELOVED teacher. “Good wine needs no bush”.
Take care and best regards,


Thank you very much for your helpful lessons. To be honest, I have always wanted to say you are the best teacher I have ever met. You have given me a lot of inspiration to become a good teacher in the future. I really enjoyed your lessons. I hope that the course had been longer so we could have worked with each other more.
Once again, thank you very much, teacher. I wish you all the best.
Khanh Nguyen



From KOTO to the Academy
Dear Ms. Heather, Ms. Huyen,
On behalf of KOTO Management, I would like to send our deep gratitude to you all for your kind support to provide TESOL courses for KOTO trainers/ teachers.
These courses have been very useful and beneficial for all the teachers to be more qualified with a lot of teaching ideas and new methodology as English is a very important subject at KOTO especially for our trainees’ future career in Hospitality Industry.
I hope KOTO and the Academy will have stronger cooperation in the future. We appreciate every support from you as contribution to the success of our Training program for Disadvantaged Youth in Vietnam.
Many thanks
KOTO Director of Training